Drums Kits
1990s Bleifuss Drum Kit, 6 Piece, Maple, 22” Kick, 10” 12”, 13”, 14”, 16” Toms
1990s Bleifuss Drum Kit, 3 Piece, Maple, 20” Kick, 12”, 14” Toms
1970s Slingerland Copy Drum Kit, 4 Piece, 22” Kick, 12”, 13”, 16” Toms
1970s Ludwig Drum Kit, 4 Piece, Maple, 22” Kick, 12”, 13”, 16” Toms
1977 Ludwig Vistalite Drum Kit, 24” Kick, 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” Toms

Snares Drums
2004 Bleifuss, Maple, 8 Lug, 6 x 14
Bleifuss, Maple, 8 Lug, 6.5 x 14
Bleifuss, Maple, 8 Lug, 4 x 13, Black Woodgrain
Camco, Mahogany, 8 x 14
Dunnett, Titanium, 6.5 x 14
1960s Gretsch 4160 Chrome
2010 Brady Jarah Block, 6.5 x 14, 8 Lug
Brady Jarah Block, 7 x 12, 8 Lug
Brady Jarah Block, 8 x 14, 8 Lug
1968 Ludwig Keystone, Black Pearl
1968 Ludwig Maple
1960s Ludwig Snare, White Marine Pearl
1960s Ludwig Supra-Phonic
1970s Ludwig Supra-Phonic
1979 Ludwig Supra-Phonic LM 402
1977 Ludwig Vistalite, 5.5 x 14
1970s Pearl Jupiter, COB, 10 Lug, 6.5 x 14
1970s Pearl Jupiter, COB, 10 Lug, 5 x 14
1970s Rogers Dyna-Sonic
1970s Slingerland
1960s Slingerland White Marine Pearl, COB, 5.5 x 14
Slingerland Chrome, 5 x 14
1970s Slingerland, COB , 10 Lug, 6.5 x 14
1980s Tama Superstar, 8 Lug
1990 Yamaha SD4106 Spun Brass, 6.5 x 14
Yamaha Birch, 5.5 x 14

Meinl Candela Effect Cymbal, 14
Paiste Crash Cymbal, 20"
Paiste Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals, 15"
Sabian AAX Hihats, 14
Sabian HHX Manhattan Thin Jazz Ride
Zildjian Crash Cymbal 14
Zildjian K Custom Flat Top Ride Cymbal
Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats, 14
Zildjian K Hi Hats, 15
2011 Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash, 18, 1295 Grams
Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash, 18
Zildjian K Ride Cymbal, Dark Medium, 22
2002 Paiste Ride Cymbal, 24
2002 Paiste Crash Cymbal, 18

Bass Guitars
1960s Eko Violin Bass
1974 Fender Precision Bass
1978 Fender Precision Bass
1978 Fender Jazz Bass
1973 Fender Musicmaster Bass
1960s Harmony H22 Bass
1960s Kay KB-24 Bass, P-Bass Style
1950s Kay “Howlin’ Wolf” Bass
1960 Kay Value Leader Bass
1960s Kay Bass
1968 Mosrite Celebrity Hollowbody Bass
1965 Danelectro Silvertone 1444 Bass
1950s Danelectro U1 Shorthorn Bass
1978 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
1960s Supro Pocket Bass
1960s Teisco Kimberly Violin Bass
1960s Teisco Silvertone KB-2 Bass
1979 Teisco Silvertone Bass
1960s Teisco EP 200B Hollowbody Bass
1960s Vox Astro IV
1960s Vox Cougar Bass
1960s Vox Clubman II Bass
1963 Vox Bassmaster Bass

Electric Guitars
1960s Airline, Single Pickup, Sunburst
1961 Airline, Single Pickup, Sunburst, Double Pickguard
1960s Airline 7124 Amp in Case, Red/White
1960s Airline 7124 Amp in Case, Black/Red
1960s Airline Bighorn, Single Pickup, Red
1960s Airline Bobkat, Red, White Pickguard, Single Pickup
1960s Airline Bobkat, Gold, White Pickguard, Single Pickup
1960s Airline Bobkat, Black, White Pickguard, Single Pickup
1960s Airline 7215, Dual Pickup, Double Pickup
1960s Airline Res-O-Glass, Short Scale, Red/White
1960s Airline Res-O-Glass Jack White/J.B. Hutto
1960s Airline Town and Country, Red/White
1960s Continental, One Pickup, Tobacco Burst
1960s Crown AG801
1960s Custom Kraft 1420, Two Pickup, Black Sparkle
1960s Custom Kraft 1420, Two Pickup, Checker Pickguard, Red
1960s Custom Kraft 1420, Two Pickup, Yellow, White Pickguard
1960s Custom Kraft 1420, Two Pickup, White Pickguard, Red
1990 Danelectro Electric Baritone
1960s Danelectro 3021
1960s Eko Barracuda 290, Semi Hollowbody, 12 String
1960s Eko, Four Pickup, Red
1960s Epiphone Granada Thinline E-444T, Single Cutaway
1960s Epiphone Granada Thinline E-444T, Double Cutaway
1960s Epiphone Sorrento E452T
1966 Fender Coronado I, Single Pickup
1968 Fender Coronado II, Double Pickup
1972 Fender Telecaster
1973 Fender Stratocaster
1978 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
1977 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Pro
1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard
1956 Gibson ES-125
1960s Global 4010 N
1960s Gretsch Corvette
1967 Gretsch Country Gentleman
1966 Guild X-50
1965 Guild Starfire III
1970s Guitalia Rickenbacker 360 Copy
1960s Hagstrom Viking
1960s Hagstrom III, White
1969 Hagstrom III, Black
1960s Harmony Bobkat
1961 Harmony H39 Hollywood
1960s Harmony Stratotone, Two Pickup
1960s Harmony H45 Stratotone
1953 Harmony H44 Stratatone
1960s Harmony H47 Stratotone Mercury, Red, Single Pickup, Three Way Switch
1960s Harmony H53 Rocket, Single Cutaway, Single Pickup, Red
1960s Harmony H53 Rocket, Double Cutaway, Single Pickup, Red
1960s Harmony H54 Rocket, Double Cutaway, Two Pickup
1965 Harmony H54 Rocket, Single Cutaway, Two Pickup
1960s Harmony H59 Rocket, Single Cutaway, Three Pickup,
1960s Harmony H59 Rocket, Single Cutaway, Three Pickup
1970s Harmony H72
1960s Heit Deluxe, Double Cutaway, Double Pickup
1960s Heit Deluxe, Two Pickup, Violin Style
1960s Holiday Bobkat, Double Pickup
1960s Holiday Stratotone 8396
1960s Kalamazoo KG-1, Blue
1960s Kalamazoo, Red
1960s Kay Jazz II
1960s Kay Galaxy, Single Pickup, Sunburst
1970s Kay KH-90T, Double Cutaway, Double Pickup
1960s Kay Old Kraftsman - Double Pickup/Natural
1960s Kay N1 Archtop
1960s Kay Silvertone Thin Twin
1968 Kay Swingmaster, Three Pickup
1968 Kay Vanguard, Double Pickup, Sunburst
1960s Kay Vanguard
1960s Kay K130, Red, Plastic Pickguard
1966 Kay K561 Concert Hall Speed Demon
1960s Kay K592 Red Devil
1960s Kay Value Leader, Two Pickup, Sunburst
1960s Kay Value Leader K-163, Three Pickup, Sunburst
1960s Kay Speed Demon, Three Pickup, Red
1960s Kay Speed Demon I
1960s Kay Speed Demon II, Double Cutaway
1960s Kay Speed Demon III
1960s Kay Speed Demon, Three Pickup, Red
1960s Kay Electric Guitar
1965 Kay Titan, Two Pickup, Bigsby
1972 Kay K-900G, Hollowoby, Two Pickup, Brown
1960s Kingston, Two Pickup, White
1960s Kingston Swinger
1969 Merlin Red Baron
1970s Mosrite Ventures Mark V
1960s National Hollowbody, Two Pickup, EG685-2RG
1960s Orpheus, Two Pickup, Double Cutaway, Red
1960s Pleasant Eko Copy, Triple Pickup
1960s National Town and Country
2001 Rickenbacker 660 12 String
1980s Rickenbacker 360
1960s Sandtron, Three Pickup
1960s Sekova, Single Pickup, White
1960s Silvertone, Single Pickup, Black/White
1960s Silvertone 1420, Two Pickup, Black
1962 Silvertone 1423 Jupiter
1960s Silvertone 1425 Aristocrat
1960s Silvertone 1427 Espanada
1960s Silvertone 1429
1960s Silvertone 1436, Sharkfin, Two Pickup, Blue
1960s Silvertone 1446 Chris Isaak
1961 Silvertone 1448, Single Pickup, Amp in Case
1960s Silvertone 1452 Hornet
1965 Silvertone 1457, Two Pickup, Amp In Case
1960 Silvertone 1468, Two Pickup, Black/White
1965 Silvertone 1476, Two Pickup, Black
1960s Silvertone 1478, Two Pickup, Red, Silhouette
1960s Silvertone U1, Copper
1964 Silvertone, Single Pickup, Tourquoise
1966 Silvertone, Single Pickup, Red Plank
1957 Supro Belmont
1962 Supro Bermuda, Red
1961 Supro Coronado, Hollowbody
1964 Supro Coronado, Res-O-Glas, Two Pickup, Black
1967 Supro Croydon Clermont, Two Pickup, Red/White
1968 Supro Croydon Clermont, Two Pickup, Red/White
1960 Supro Dual Tone
1960s Supro No Name, Single Pickup, White
1952 Supro Ozark
1960s Supro Sonic, Red
1960s Supro Trem-O-Lectric Res-O-Glas, Two Pickup, Blue
1959 Supro Val Trol
1960s Supro No Name, Single Pickup, Gold
1960s Teisco No Name, Double Cutaway, Double Pickup
1960s Teisco Decca
1960s Teisco Del Ray ET-230
1960s Teisco Del Rey EP-7T, Green
1970s Teisco Del Rey EP-8T
1960s Teisco Del Rey EP-9T, Two Pickup, Sunburst
1970s Teisco Del Rey E-110
1970s Teisco Del Rey Double Cutaway
1960s Teisco SG, Three Pickup, Checkerboard
1960s Teisco Eko 500 Copy, Three Pickup, Sunburst
1960s Teisco, Two Pickup, Devil Horn
1960s Teisco Electric Blue
1960s Teisco Jaguar Style, Single Pickup
1960s Teisco Kent Polaris
1960s Teisco Kent, Two Pickup, White
1960s Teisco Kingston
1960s Tesico Melody, Red
1960s Teisco Mosrite Copy, Two Pickup, Cream
1960s Teisco No Name, Double Cutaway, Double Pickup
1960s Teisco Orange Wildwood
1960s Teisco Saturn, Single Pickup, Sunburst
1960s Teisco Telestar
1960s Teisco Telestar, Two Pickup, Sunburst
1960s Teisco Sorento Hollowbody, Double Pickup, Red
1960s Teisco Silvertone 1437, Four Pickup, Blue
1960s Teisco Silvertone Shark Fin
1960s Teisco Domino
1960s Teisco Flower Power
1960s Teisco Swinga
1960s Teisco Zim Gar
1960s Truetone N2 Archtop
1950s Truetone N3 Archtop
1960s Trutone Swingmaster, Three Pickup
1960s Tosca, Solidbody, Single Pickup, Gold,
1960s Riviera, Solidbody, Single Pickup, Gold
1967 Vox Super Lynx
1960s Vox Wildcat V254, Two Pickup, HB, Sunburst

Acoustic Guitars
1964 Airline Res-o-Glass Resonator
1960s Barclay
1975 Dobro D-33
1965 Epiphone FT112 Bard 12 String
1962 Epiphone Seville EC100-E
1980s Gibson Songwriter Deluxe
1953 Gretsch New Yorker
1950s Harmony Catalina Archtop
1959 Harmony Monterey Archtop
1971 Harmony Sovereign 1204
1950s Kay "Earl Koumps" Archtop
1950s Kay Country Western
1960s Kay Archtop
1950s Kay Faux Flame Archtop
1960s Kay Jumbo
1955 Kay N-1 Archtop
1950s Kay Parlour
1954 Silvertone Flamed Blonde Archtop H1214

Guitars - Lap Steel
1960s Airline Lap Steel
1960s Airline Lap Steel, Black
1960s Harmony H1 Lap Steel, Copper
1960s Harmony H2 Lap Steel, Ivory
1960s Harmony H4 Lap Steel
1960s Harmony Roy Smeck Lap Steel, Two-Tone
1948 Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel
1955 Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel
1950s Magnatone MOTS Lap Steel
1940s National Double Neck Two-Tone
1962 National Dynamic Lap Steel
1962 National Lap Steel
1955 National Triplex 1088 Lap Steel
1949 Oahu Tonemaster Lap Steel
1950s Old Kraftsman Lap Steel
1950s Regal Square Neck Slide Guitar
1960s Silvertone Lap Steel, Black
1942 Supro Baton Lap Steel/Matching Amp
1950s Supro Lap Steel, MOTS, Black
1958 Supro Lap Steel, MOTS, Yellow
1961 Supro Comet Lap Steel
1960s Supro Console 6 Lap Steel
1950s Supro Double Neck Lap Steel
1957 Supro Lap Steel, MOTS, Brown
1950s Supro Student Deluxe

1950s Alamo Challenger
1960s Airline 9002
1960s Airline 62-9012A
1960s Airline 62-9013A
1960s Airline 62-9015A, Twin Twelve
1970s Airline 62-9021A
1970s Airline 62-9022A
1960s Airline 62-9026A
1960s Airline 62-9032A
1957 Airline 8515
1960s Airline 8511, 4” Speaker
1957 Airline 8515
1950s Airline, 6" Speaker
1960s Airline, 8" Speaker
1964 Ampeg Jet
1960s Ampeg B12 XLT
1964 Ampeg Portaflex B15 N
1960s Ampeg Portaflex SB12
1963 Ampeg Reverberocket R-12RA
1960s Ampeg Reverberocket 2 GS-12R
1970s Baldwin C1
1930s Bronson
1960s Cordovox CG Tube Accordion Preamp
1966 Danelectro DM-10
1951 Danelectro Leader
1950s Danelectro 68
1950s Danelectro 78A Challenger Artist Series D
1956 Danelectro 98 Series D Twin Twelve
1950s Danelectro 122 Cadet
1960s Danelectro 132
1960s Danelectro 1432
1960s DeVille A-3L
1950s Epiphone Pacemaker
1970s Fender Champ Silverface
1964 Fender Tremolux
1959 Fender Tweed Deluxe
1965 Fender Twin Reverb
1977 Fender Deluxe Reverb
1972 Fender Super Reverb
1965 Gibson A-20 RVT
1964 Gibson Discoverer
1963 Gibson Falcon
1960s Gibson Skylark GA-5T
1950s Gretsch 6150
1960s Gretsch Compact Tremolo 6150T, Oval
1960s Gretsch Compact Tremolo 6150T, Round
1962 Gretsch Playboy 6156
1968 Gretsch Pro Bass 6170
1968 Gretsch Dual Twin Reverb
1960s Gretsch Extension Speaker
1976 Guild Maverick
1960s Guild Thunder I Reverb
1960s Harmony H193
1970s Harmony H303A
1960s Harmony H305A
1960s Harmony H400A
1966 Harmony H415 Twin Twelve
1960s Harmony H420
1960s Harmony H512
1960s Harmony H93
1960s Kay K-22
1964 Kay Vanguard 700
1960s Kay 705
1960s Kay 803
1950s Magnatone 108 Varsity
1950s Magnatone Starlet 107
1960s Magnatone 213 Troubadour
1950s Masco
1977 Marshall JMP Super Lead 100
1967 Montgomery Wards 62 GVC-9035
1960s Montgomery Wards 80 Watt Amp Head
1960s National 6422T
1966 National Twin Eight
1940s National, Wood
1950s Orpheus Model 707
1960s Recco Custom 800
1950s Serenader Suitcase Amp
1947 Silvertone 1301
1955 Silvertone 1334
1960s Silvertone 1432
1960s Silvertone 1457 Suitcase Amp
1960s Silvertone 1464
1960s Silvertone 1472
1960s Silvertone 1481
1963 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve
1966 Silvertone Deluxe 1488
1970s Sound City 50 Plus
1961 Supro
1967 Supro Bantam
1963 Supro Combo 1697T
1963 Supro Super 1606
1961 Supro Supreme 1600R
1964 Supro Thunderbolt
1957 Supro Tonemaster
1960s Teisco Checkmate 480
1960s Teisco Melody AP-14
1960s Teisco Melody 6-1
1951 Valco MOTS Harp Amp
1964 Vox AC30
1960s Harmony 2 x 10 Extension Speaker Cabinet
1940s Ampro Speaker Cabinet

Analogman Sunface NKT 275 White Dot Fuzz Pedal
Black Cat SuperFuzz Pedal
Digitech Whammy IV Pedal
1966 DeArmond Model 602 Volume Pedal
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pedal
Electro-Harmonix POG2 Octave Pedal
Electro-Harmonix XO Holy Grail Plus
Fulltone '70 Fuzz Pedal
1960s Maestro G-1 Guitar Effects Pedal
1960s Maestro W-1 Woodwind Effects Pedal
1960s Maestro Phase Shifter
1970s Morley Power Fuzz Wah Volume Pedal
1970s Morley EV-1 Oil Can Reverb Pedal
1970s Morley Fuzz/Wah Pedal
1970s Mu-Tron BiPhase
Prescription Electronics The Yardbox Fuzz Pedal
1960s Shin Ei Wah/Volume Pedal with Surf Siren
Zvex Fuzz Factory Pedal, PD-8974

Other Stringed Instruments
1950s Kay Tenor Banjo
1950s Gretsch Belmont Banjo
1960s Harmony Banjo
1960s Hondo Banjo
1960s Silvertone Banjo
1950s Kay Mandolin
1960s Kay Mandolin
1970s Dobro D-33
1970s Tamburitza Brac Guitar
2009 Kala Tenor Ukulele

1960s Ace Tone Top 5
1970s Baldwin Discoverer DS50
1980s Bee Gees Rhythm Machine
1970s Casiotone 101
1950s Farfisa Micro Organ
1950s Farfisa Pianorgan
1970s Farfisa VIP 233
1970s Farfisa VIP 500
1970s Farfisa VIP 600/Leslie 825
1970s Fender Piano Bass
1970s Fender Rhodes Mark I
1960s Gibson G201 Organ
1960s Hammond B3/Leslie 122
1970s Hohner Bass 3 Piano
1970s Hohner D6 Clavinet
1970s Hohner E7 Clavinet
1970s Hohner Pianet T Electric Piano
1980s Roland Juno-106
1970s Karam Singh Harmonium
1960s Lowrey T2 Organ
1970s Moog Realistic Concertmate MG1
1960s Philharmonic Table Top Organ
1980s PAIA Analog Mini Synthesizer Organ
1960s Rheem Mark VI
1960s Rheem Kee-Bass Piano
1960s Teisco Nomad Model 61
1960s Whippany Melo-Sonic 350
1960s Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano
1960s Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano
1980s Yamaha DC-7
1980s Yamaha U1 Piano
1960 Vox Jaguar

Other Instruments
1 M-Audio Axiom 25 Controller
2 Novation Launchpads
1 Roland MC 808
2 Technics MK1200 Turntables
1 Stanton RM3s DJ Mixer
2 Stylophone Electronic Organ

Drum Machines
1960s Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1
1960s Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-3
1960s Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-20
1970s Baldwin Tempo-Matic
1970s Conn Min-O-Matic
1960s Jasper Mini Rhythm
1970s Cort CRM-260
1970s Gemini R-888
1970s Hammond Auto Rhythm FR-2D
1970s Hammond Auto Vari 64
1960s Kay R-12 Rhythmer
1960s Kent K220
1960s King Beat 7
1960s Knight Rhythm Console KG 393
1970s Korg KR-55
1970s Korg KR-55B
1970s Korg SR-120
1970s Korg Mini Pops
1970s Korg Mini Pops 35
1970s Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2
1970s Maestro Rhythm King MRK-4
1960s Multivox Rhythm Ace FR-3
1960s Multivox Rhythm Ace FR-6
1970s Nomad Rhythm Maker 12
1960s Rhythm Ace FR-2L
1970s Rhythm Master W1032
1970s Rhythm Master RM-10
1970s Roland CR-68
1970s Roland CR-8000
1970s Roland 330
1970s Roland TR-33
1970s Roland TR-55
1970s Roland TR-66
1970s Roland TR-77
1970s Sears Rhythm-Matic
1970s Sears Rhythm-Matic II
1970s Rhythm-Matic 2000A
1960s Seeburg Select-A-Rhythm
1960s Seeburg Gulbransen Teeny Bopper
1960s Teac Rhythm 8
1960s Thomas Band Master 55
1970s Univox JR-5
1970s Univox SR-55
1960s Wurlitzer Swingin Rhythm 5020

Cajun Zydeco Scrub Board
Dunlop Egg Shaker
Gon Bops Drum Shaker
Gon Bops Large Talking Shaker
Gon Bops Mic Shaker, Black, Aluminium Balls
Gon Bops Mic Shaker, Silver, Plastic Balls
Gon Bops Rock Shaker, 8-inch, Stainless Steel
Gon Bops Small Talking Shaker
LP Cowbell - 8"
LP Double Samgago Bells
LP Jam Block - High Pitch
LP Jam Block - Low Pitch
LP Jingle Sticks
LP Multi Guiro
LP Professional Maracas
LP Shake-It
LP Tail Cabasa Wood
LP Vibra Slap
LP Wood Claves
Meinel Guiro - Wood
Mini Plastic Maracas
Pro-Mark Cymbal Rattler
Pro-Mark Cymbal Sizzler
Pulse Pro Tambourine Black
Rhythm Tech Cabasa
Rhythm Tech Hat Trick HiHat
Rhythm Tech Tambourine Pro
Trophy Musical Spoons
Tycoon Percussion Agogo Bell - Large
Tycoon Percussion Agogo Bell - Medium
Tycoon Percussion Agogo Bell - Small
Tycoon Percussion Large Natural Gourd Shekere
Tycoon Percussion Wood Maracas - Small