• About the Lost Ark Studio

    We like to make tasty records the old fashioned way - hands on, real instruments, players playing, singers singing, all in the room together, loud and proud... Lots of mics, spacious control room and ocean view sunsets every evening.


    For more information about about rates and availability please contact us at info@lostarkstudio.com.


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    Recent Recordings

    Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - New Old Story
    “They have created one of the best Country albums of 2013, and one that will definitely stir up some sawdust on the dance room floor. The sound is a straight forward tribute to what Country should exemplify.” - Twangville


    Beau James – Landmarks
    “From the opening track, “Broken Hearted Past”, you realize that the brand-new recording by Beau James - “Landmarks” - is no ordinary EP. It is one of the best independent Americana EPs in years. It has touches of classic Americana, rock and roots flavors coupled with a polished production.” - Rick Jamm, Jamsphere


    Jeremiah Tall – Where The Lore Began
    “Jeremiah Tall, hailing from just across the Delaware River in Bucks County, PA, has melded his own brand of folk punk with country-grass hues” - No Depression


    The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys – Back To The Mountains
    "When I hear The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys I’m taken back to when I first fell in love with this music. Each is a master of their craft, but it’s the special joy they take in playing it “the old-time way” that commands your attention. This music hails from a time before people saw bluegrass and country music as separate things, and the band accomplishes that most difficult of musical tasks by capturing the manic energy of their live shows in the studio." - John Lawless, Bluegrass Today


    The Palominos – Come On In
    “The Palominos’ newest album, Come On In, is the kind of straight up, no frills, vintage country that makes that after-work beer taste even sweeter. The simple verses and catchy choruses of Come On In satisfy a need for country music at its purest. The title track “Come On In” boasts everything great about the vintage Bakersfield sound. Produced and engineered by Mike Butler at Lost Ark Studio, the record, clear and present, glows with vacuum tube warmth. Finally, Buck Owens can stop rolling over and listen to good, clean country live on." - Turnstyled Junkpiled


    Mercies – Blue Against Green
    “Mercies take the title of brand new track “Every Echo” literally, the song reverberating in every sense of the word. Taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, Blue Against Green, “Every Echo” has the New England pastoral-rock trio taking after their forestal predecessors, most notably Fleet Foxes circa “Helpnessness Blues.” - Spin Magazine


    Bianca Caruso – Bravado
    “Choosing a favorite song from Bravado is next to impossible. This is an album to listen to beginning to end, repeatedly. The bluesy Americana of Bianca Caruso will fill your soul.” - YabYum


    "Working with Mike at Lost Ark Studio on our full album project was a real pleasure from beginning to end. Mike is a real pro and always knew just what we needed to help create and capture those great moments in the studio. Fast, efficient, focused, relaxed and funny,working with Mike was my best recording experience ever!" - Mark Stuart/Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash


    "When working with Mike you not only get an amazing producer but also a great friend. Mike pushes to get the best out of you and your music and helps you explore any idea that pops up." - Beau James


    "Mike is a world class engineer-- he added a lot to our recent session with a perfect balance of technical acumen and creative sensibility. For example, he thickened the kick with a mic dropped into a vintage gasoline chamber, an idea that really elevated the song. We've recorded all over the US-- Mike is a rare breed. Sharp, perfectionist, cool." - Filligar


    "Working with Mike is a pleasure. Not only does he have a confident command over the studio he operates, but he enables musicians to make the music they want to make. He's an extremely efficient producer & engineer... And he's a good hang. I've never experienced a more creative, professional, focused, yet fun recording experience." - Ben Ambrosini/Taken By Canadians


    "Why is Mike is such an amazing producer?. He can not only speak music, he is able to convay the feeling behind track. It takes a special kinda brain to be able to meld these worlds. When we were tracking I would go to suggest something and he would was always one step ahead of me. I would work with him 100 times over." - Sam Bybee


    "I've been called in several times to Lost Ark to track keys for various artists over the years. Mike is always behind the console and makes it very easy. He is great at working with personalities and people and provides as much or as little direction as anyone needs in a session. His mixes are always beautiful as well. Highly recommended." - Bobby Cressey


    "As a trumpet session player, I'm always impressed with Mike Butler's professionalism and his "straight-forward" approach when recording at his sessions. Because he is an accomplished musician, He understands what each type of musician will need during the recording process, which makes for a well time-managed and pleasant session." - Jason Hanna


    "I've worked with Mike on several projects over the years in both studio and live situations, and I am always impressed with his ears, technical skills, and ability to keep everyone on task with humor and professionalism. He understands how to allow artists to be themselves while elevating their music to the highest level. Mike is badass!" - Nena Anderson