• Lost Ark Studio Rates

    Creating a great recording isn’t a “one way works for all” thing, far from it. Every song, every recording, is unique, each requiring its own approach.

    A singer/songwriter working a solo track is well different than a five piece band, even more so if outside session players are needed for overdubs, etc.

    Bottom line is that if you’re looking to make a great recording, it’s worth taking the time to talk to the engineer you’d be working with, even visit the studio beforehand. With that you can walk through your music, your goals – and your budget – and we can help you get the best deal to get you where you want to be.

    If you’re ready to record, get in touch with us via
    email or phone, we’d love to talk to you about your project. Mike Butler has worked on a wide range of projects here at the Lost Ark Studio for those here in town and across the country. We’d be glad to talk to you about your project - even if all you’re looking for is some advice on how to work it in your own studio. We all start somewhere, we’d be glad to help you get your start, or bring home the best recording you’ve ever made, period.

    Day Rate - $600

    Up to 10 hours, including load in/setup. Includes engineer, full access to the studio’s vintage instrument and gear collection, well stocked refrigerator, and lounge.

    Mix Rate - $300 per song

    Includes up to 2 revisions. Additional revisions are billed at $50 per revision. Final mixes will include Main Mix and Instrumental Mix. Mix stems are available upon request for an additional fee.